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I was born in Michigan in 1968. I grew up in your typical middle-class suburban family. My father was a teacher and my mother was the editor and publications manager for a magazine. I went on to become an Aviation Electrician in the US Navy onboard Aircraft Carriers where I served in Desert Shield and Storm. I went on to become a business owner and manager. I had a successful career in business management where I eventually had worked my way up to District Manager in charge of 17 locations. I used a unique blend of street smarts and caring to climb the ladder. I now teach the Care More & Make More philosophy to other business owners and managers.  

Today I own two companies TR Success LLC and Aurora Investing LLC. I now do speaking engagements and share my philosophies of success for those who are seeking to secure a better future filled with both success and happiness. I use a variety of investment vehicles to secure my future. These include but are not limited to real estate investing, stocks and options and other investment.
  1. I have worked with and continue to work with Todd as a coaching student. Todd’s ability to listen in an acute manner allows him to provide straight forward and honest feedback that has enabled me to achieve the growth that I have desired. Todd truly listens to my ambitions and tailors his advice that guides along that desired pathway in a firm but gentle manner. You truly feel that Todd has your best interest at hand as he supports your efforts. If you are willing to change your life, I highly recommend engaging Todd as a coach. You will be impressed with the results you achieve." John M.

    John M.

  2. Hello my name is Anthony White, and I have personally worked closely with our friend Todd Radus. He has been one of the most influential coaches I have had throughout my life. He has taught me how to change the way I thought about money and the difference between a job and creating jobs. Todd himself took a personal interest in my life and is still currently committed to change the way I think. It was a huge struggle for him to help me comprehend most of the words he spoke, but he never gave up to reassure that I would be the most successful I could be. This is only the beginning he said but being that he is soo passionate about coaching me and helping others it encourages me to live up to his leadership.

    Anthony White

  3. Todd is an extraordinary man and teacher. He has helped me learn to deal with the symptoms of my PTSD and is continuing to help me reach the amazing potential I have locked up inside of me. Todd knows the principles that he teaches well because he lives them every day. I can honestly say that my life is better because I met Todd. If you are hesitant about contacting him, please don’t be! He can help you find your success, just like he is helping me to find mine!

    Todd Moser

  4. We both consider huge value in Todd’s teachings; we are part of the test group for Todd’s new on-line course. One thing that we may add is Todd’s natural upbeat persona in his voice tone when speaking about spirituality he's uplifting and builds excitement in and makes it a fun experience. Making you want it more. He has one of the most personable and genuine personalities we've ever encountered. The flow in his videos is phenomenal.

    Cynthia & Thane Murphy

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